Hi, I am Nikola.

I help tech companies build innovative solutions using Natural Language Processing.

Are you working on an ambitious project using Natural Language Processing, but lack the in-depth expertise to turn your vision into reality? 

I provide state-of-the-art, PhD-level consulting services in NLP and related topics. Start working with me today to unlock the full potential of NLP and take your project to the next level! 

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Companies I have worked with

Why work with me?

  • proven track record

    I have delivered results for over 60 clients, from fortune 500 companies to small startups. 

    I have experience working in Pharma, Finance, Real estate, Education, Design, and more. 

  • State-of-the-art expertise

    • 8+ years of experience in NLP
    • PhD in NLP from ETH Zurich (top 10 school for Computer Science)
    • 9+ research publications on NLP at top venues
    • Work experience in Pharma and EdTech
  • Visionary mindset

    I enjoy working on innovative projects with high potential impact over the next 5-10 years. 

Focus areas

I already have significant experience in the areas listed below. 

  • hot

    Generative AI

    Build your own chatbot and personal assistant, that generates fluent text and automates workflows for your users. Generate realistic images using text-to-image models (Stable Diffusion, Dall-E). 

  • Automatic summarisation

    Summarise meeting notes and documents in a breeze. 

  • Machine translation

    Translate pages or documents across hundreds of languages, including low-resource languages. 

  • Document understanding

    Enhance decision making by detect the properties of a text, such as its sentiment. Classify articles and documents. 

  • Question answering and chatbots

    Build interactive chatbots and dialogue systems that can automatically respond to the queries of your users. 

  • Semantic Search

    Find important information across millions of documents in real time. 

What People Say

  • "Nikola is an absolute genius when it comes to anything to do with AI, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, data science, Python, programming, etc. In my one hour consultation with him, he taught me a ton of stuff that I did not know about OpenAI and how it works behind the scenes. I am working on two AI projects and he will definitely my full time consultant! I highly recommend him. His resume and experience is just mind blowing!"

  • "Most valuable order I ever had in this area. We had a very useful chat. Nikola not only understood my project quickly, and was able to provide great advice, but he came prepared! Makes a huge difference and speaks a lot about his professionalism. He also provide great insight to easily start an AI project. Thanks a lot Nikola. We will for sure chat again."

  • "Very knowledgeable mentor. Nikola is a fantastic NLP guide. he has a lot of practical experience and theoretical understanding. He's a gold mine and I was lucky to have found him."

  • "Excellent. Nikola read the papers required for our deep-dive and suggested a direction for the next steps in our research. A mentor one can only wish for. A++"

  • "Nikola proved to be an absolute pleasure to do business with. He went out of his way to articulate the questions put to him, and even went over-and-beyond the call of duty. His qualifications lend weight to his being a subject matter expert in his area of expertise."

  • "Extreme pleasure working with Nikola. Everything you would expect from someone with PhD from top school like ETH Zurich and more!"

  • "Nikola is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He spent time understanding my problem, did his own homework/research, and provided me with great clarity on my queries. Highly recommend."

  • "Nikola is very knowledgable on the topic of AI and provided guidance on how our organisation can prepare for upcoming advancements in technology. Thank you Nikola, we will keep your contact for future discussions in the space of NLP and AI."


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