NLP Clarity Call

Are you struggling to unravel a specific Natural Language Processing challenge? This service is a focused 1-hour consulting session, designed to deliver maximum impact in minimal time. 

What we will cover:  

  • Provide invaluable feedback on your project.
  • Pinpoint critical issues that require immediate attention.
  • Expand your knowledge and explore new directions and possible techniques.
  • Clarify problems and clear doubts. 

Don't waste any more time on trial and error. Invest in my expertise and let me help you conquer your NLP obstacle today. 

  • Clarity call

    /60 min
    The cost of the call covers any preparation I need to carry out in order to deliver the best possible advice in the session.

What People Say

  • "Nikola is an absolute genius when it comes to anything to do with AI, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, data science, Python, programming, etc. In my one hour consultation with him, he taught me a ton of stuff that I did not know about OpenAI and how it works behind the scenes. I am working on two AI projects and he will definitely my full time consultant! I highly recommend him. His resume and experience is just mind blowing!"

  • "Nikola proved to be an absolute pleasure to do business with. He went out of his way to articulate the questions put to him, and even went over-and-beyond the call of duty. His qualifications lend weight to his being a subject matter expert in his area of expertise. I look forward to working with him again."

  • "Most valuable order I ever had in this area. We had a very useful chat. Nikola not only understood my project quickly, and was able to provide great advice, but he came prepared! Makes a huge difference and speaks a lot about his professionalism. He also provide great insight to easily start an AI project. Thanks a lot Nikola. We will for sure chat again."

  • "Extreme pleasure working with Nikola. Everything you would expect from someone with PhD from top school like ETH Zurich and more!"

  • "Nikola is very knowledgable on the topic of AI and provided guidance on how our organisation can prepare for upcoming advancements in technology. Thank you Nikola, we will keep your contact for future discussions in the space of NLP and AI."

  • "Nikola is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He spent time understanding my problem, did his own homework/research, and provided me with great clarity on my queries. Highly recommend."