NLP Guidance Program

Who is it for?

My Guidance Program is specifically designed to assist AI engineers and engineering leaders in their company's AI journey. 

How it works?

We will have an initial intro call to discuss what level of guidance you need going forward to meet your team’s needs and budget.

Once we get started, you will get access to me via Slack and video chat (depending on the plan you choose), on an ongoing, mothly basis. If you have any questions, concerns, or anything that you need advice on, I’m available to answer it within one business day at most, but usually much faster. 

What I can help you with

As part of this engagement, I can help you to:

  • Review your current strategy and direction. 
  • Identify any risks in your current approach. 
  • Make decisions and recommendations regarding topics such as project direction, technology selection, model training, testing, validation, and deployment, etc. 
  • Guide your NLP engineers regarding development workflows and tools.
  • Perform adhoc code reviews on key product components. 

All plans can be customised based on your needs. 

Don't waste any more time on trial and error.

Invest in my expertise and let me help you build your dream product. Book a free discovery call with me to get started. 

What People Say

  • "Nikola is an absolute genius when it comes to anything to do with AI, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, data science, Python, programming, etc. In my one hour consultation with him, he taught me a ton of stuff that I did not know about OpenAI and how it works behind the scenes. I am working on two AI projects and he will definitely my full time consultant! I highly recommend him. His resume and experience is just mind blowing!"

  • "Most valuable order I ever had in this area. We had a very useful chat. Nikola not only understood my project quickly, and was able to provide great advice, but he came prepared! Makes a huge difference and speaks a lot about his professionalism. He also provide great insight to easily start an AI project. Thanks a lot Nikola. We will for sure chat again."

  • "Nikola is a fantastic NLP guide. He has a lot of practical experience and theoretical understanding. He's a gold mine and I was lucky to have found him."

  • "Excellent. Nikola read the papers required for our deep-dive and suggested a direction for the next steps in our research. Nikola is a mentor one can only wish for. A++"